Saturday, July 14, 2007

American Fork Steel Days Parade, Saturday, 14 July 2007

July 14th, known in France as Bastille Day, in American Fork became Steel Days and they celebrated with a parade.

Mom, Cora, Zoe and I were able to set chairs on the lawn in the shade in front of the Taylor House, after Mom called Bill Jacob and asked if it was okay. Bill said it was more than okay, and we would be welcome, as this was to be the last time they would be there because they're hoping to make serious their intention to retire and sell the House. Before the parade, we visited with Bill and Janean, as well as their daughter Lisa and her husband, Richard (Hatch), and their 4 daughters. We also sat near Larry Hermansen who said Carolyn was back in Palmyra attending the Hill Cumorah Pageant. (That's Larry on the right edge of this picture.)

Heather and Dave and the boys joined us also.

Dave, Heather, Peter and Soren dodging thrown candy and watching carefully for the
AFHS Award-Winning Marching Band.

...and here they are!

One wonders, though, that, in the future, celebrants will also wonder at why it's called Steel Days since the steel plant is now gone. . .not a shred of steel left except a small mountain of coke rubble. They probably won't change it to Basteel Days.